viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Manual para poder instalar GPMC en equipos de tecnologia X64

If you have attempted to install the GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) on Windows 2003×64 version, you have encountered this problem; and it is frustrating. The error you receive if you attempt to install GPMC on x64 states that you have to uninstall the “previous” incompatible version of .NET. Microsoft has indicated that Vista comes with both x86 and x64 versions of GPMC, so they have it available. But, the company has indicated that an x64 version will not be released for “older” versions of Windows – for some unknown reason (i.e. forcing people to upgrade to the less-than-popular Vista).

So, I went looking for a way to work around this problem because I don’t want to run XP 32-bit or Vista just to use GPMC on my 2003×64 system. After some venting on forums with other like minds, I came across the way to run GPMC under 2003×64. The trick is to prevent the GPMC msi from “checking” on what version of dotNet that Windows is running. The reason this works is because GPMC will work with the version of .NET that comes with 2003×64.

To do this, make a copy of the GPMC msi installer (so that you are not modifying the original), then open it using an MSI editor (like Orca) and perform the following changes:
  • ·         Delete the BlockOnNoNetFramework item from the InstallExecuteSequence section.
  • ·         Delete the BlockOnNoNetFramework item from the InstallUISequence section.

·         Save this MSI, then install it by right-clicking it and choosing Install.
Then, to ensure proper operation after installation, perform the following steps:
  • ·         Choose Start -> Administrative Toos -> and Right-click “Group Policy Management” and choose “Author”
  • ·         Choose File -> Add Snapin – > Choose “Active Directory Users and Computers”
  • ·         Choose OK, Choose File->Save, then File->Exit
  • ·         Lastly, go to %systemroot%System32 and copy gepedit.msc and rsop.msc to the %systemroot%SysWOW64 folder

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